Palm Beach Gardens Ranked NO. 16 Best City Nationally for Small Businesses

Palm Beach Gardens - Small Business Article

Palm Beach Gardens is ranked the NO. 16 best city across the US for small businesses.

Go Verizon just released its second annual “Best Small Cities for Small Businesses” report for 2019 based on the following six factors: education level of the local workforce, in-city commute times, income per capita, broadband access, availability of SBA loans and overall tax friendliness.

Along with Palm Beach Gardens at NO. 16, Jupiter also made the list as NO. 21 best city in the report.

The elements they pulled indicate the financial climate of each city and an overview of its demographics. Go Verizon, an authorized premium partner of Verizon, based their ranking off six metrics: Small businesses make up 99.7% of US employer firms, so the saying, “Small businesses are the backbone of the US economy,” is an accurate one.

View the full list of ranked cities here: