Brand Standards

Branding Guidelines

Welcome Chamber Partners!

Here you will find our brand guidelines & logos. Download the file format that works with your design needs. Please take a moment & review our brand guidelines. If you have any questions, contact info@pbnchamber.com.

Guidelines for Logo Use

  • Do not alter or deform the shape of the logo in any way. The logo must appear exactly as shown: the elements, proportions and relationships must not change.
  • Do not replace the logotype with a different typeface.
  • Do not imitate any element of the logo.
  • Do not place competing visual elements close to the logo.
  • Do not set type near to the logo that could be construed as a corporate slogan or motto.
  • Do not display the logo more prominently than your own trademarks, logos and names. This includes, but is not limited to company name, trade name, product name, service name, technology name, social media name or handle.
  • Do not use or register the logo (or any part of it) as part of another trademark, logo or name. This includes but is not limited to a company name, trade name, product name, service name, technology name, social media name or handle.
  • Do not use the logo in any manner that expresses or implies that the Palm Beach North Chamber has any affiliation, sponsorship, endorsement, certification, or approval of your product, service or company unless approved through the Chamber.

Official Name

Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce (Shorted to: Palm Beach North Chamber)

Palm Beach North Logos

Horizontal Logos


Stacked Logos


Official Colors

100. 43. 0. 30
76. 4. 100. 21
100. 13. 1. 2
CMYK-Coated-Light Blue
60. 9. 0. 0
CMYK-Coated-Light Green
56. 2. 78. 5
6. 4. 7. 13
48. 29. 26. 76
CMYK-Uncoated Blue
98. 30. 0. 20
CMYK-Uncoated Green
61. 1. 93. 15
CMYK-Uncoated Sky Blue
100. 4. 0. 9
CMYK-Uncoated Light Blue
53. 4. 0. 9
CMYK-Uncoated Light Green
56. 2. 85. 3
CMYK-Uncoated Light Gray
18. 12. 14. 2
CMYK-Uncoated Dark Gray
25. 18. 15. 51
PMS Coated Blue
PMS 7691 C
PMS Coated Green
PMS 7741 C
PMS Coated Mid Blue
PMS Coated Light Blue
PMS 2915 C
PMS Coated Light Green
PMS 7489 C
PMS Coated Light Gray
PMS 420 C
PMS Coated Dark Gray
PMS 425 C
PMS Uncoated Blue
PMS 7691 U
PMS Uncoated Green
PMS 7741 U
PMS Uncoated Sky Blue
PMS Uncoated Light Blue
PMS 2915 U
PMS Uncoated Light Green
PMS 7489 U
PMS Uncoated Light Gray
PMS 420 U
PMS Uncoated Dark Gray
PMS 425 U
RGB Blue
RGB Green
RGB Sky Blue
RGB Light Blue
RGB Light Green
RGB Light Gray
RGB Dark Gray


Avenir Font Family


Sintony Font Family