Recent examples of how we advocate for businesses:

Disaster Resiliency Plan

In collaboration with all 10 of the Palm Beach North Municipalities, the Palm Beach North Chamber has developed a regional disaster resiliency plan. Our ultimate goal is to be more resilient as a region so when we get hit by a natural disaster, we will be able to open up our businesses quicker.

One of the strategies in our strategic plan that was put together almost 5 years ago was to foster the development of a coordinated risk, disaster preparedness and recovery strategy. This special project catapulted our efforts to provide resources to our Palm Beach North Community through acquiring the Disaster Resiliency Plan.

The unprecedented crisis of COVID-19 has heightened the level of uncertainty and disparity for marginalized communities at the same time as it has restricted access to essential social services. Through this plan we are able to offer resources to our municipalities to enhance the quality of life for their business and communities.

Small Business Relief Fund

In partnership with the PGA Corridor Association, we worked with the the City of Palm Beach Gardens to develop an aggressive program that provided significant relief to businesses with no more than 25 employees.


The Small Business Relief Fund provided critical financial support to up to 50 businesses with a one-time grant payment of $20,000 for each qualifying applicant.

President & CEO Noel Martinez speaking at press conference

Tequesta Business Forum

We ignited and led the conversation with local Tequesta businesses to meet and determine ways to get the word out that Tequesta businesses are open. "ShopVOT" came from those conversations.


Chamber Foundation

The Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce Foundation is affiliated with the Chamber to oversee the endowment established through a donation by John C. Giba. The Board of Directors of the Foundation receives and administers funds for educational purposes.


NorthPAC is governed by appointed Trustees that are members of the Chamber. NorthPAC Trustees represent the Palm Beach North business community and make decisions based on impact to the overall economic prosperity and quality of life to the region.