Executive Trustee Council Bio

Robert McKeown, Stratus Building Solutions

Father to two wonderful children 23/24, son and daughter. Born and raised in Paducah, KY, graduated college in New Orleans, lived in both Barcelona and the wilds of NW Ontario, have shot a bear and been chased by grizzlies in AK-and lived to tell about it! Same for New Orleans-survived an 8 day a week party with a degree! Followed career path living/working in NY metro for 29 years. 7 great years in the corp world but prefer to run my own companies since 1998 in sales, marketing, distribution, and commercial cleaning here in FL since 2021. Joined Chamber to increase community involvement, make new friends, networking and opportunity expansion. Enjoy golf, boating, fishing, hunting and travel. Accused of cooking well and selecting a good vintage.