Executive Trustee Council Bio

Rachelle Litt, Partners in Women's Health

Rachelle Litt is an agent for positive change, advancing healthcare equity, and inspiring new generations of leaders. Her 43-year career in pharmaceutical sales, hospital practice and consulting make her a trusted, integral part of her community. When her children, battling pre-existing conditions, faced losing their health insurance, she transitioned to advocacy, joining President Obama's volunteer leadership team advocating for the ACA. She quickly pivoted from advocacy to policy making with a run for City Council in 2017. Inspired by a passion for advancing gender health equity, and empowering the economic, political, and social status of women and girls, she joined the Biden Transition Healthcare Equity Policy Team in 2020 and became active with the Women's Foundation of Florida and Herizon where her team is responsible for grantmaking, advocacy, education, leadership development, and encouraging and mentoring women to run for office. She is a 38-year resident of Palm Beach Gardens, where she has served as both Vice Mayor and Mayor. Rachelle is married to Dr. Jeffrey Litt and has 3 children and 3 grandchildren. She is a Candidate for State House District 94.