Executive Trustee Council Bio

Corey Saban, CS Media Works

Storytelling is critical to every organization's success. Stories create engagement, boost sales and improve brand loyalty which is crucial in today's competitive marketplace. As a marketing strategist and media coach, Corey Saban will teach you the power of story while enhancing your leadership skills through effective presentation training. Clients depend on his ability to take complex information and distill it into memorable messages that drive results. In times of crisis and chaos, Saban provides a thoughtful approach designed to help you get ahead of the challenge without falling victim to tricks and traps from the media. His crisis management sessions create eye-opening experiences as Saban role-plays real-life scenarios providing numerous takeaways to help you protect your brand's reputation. A former Emmy nominated and Associated Press award-winning TV journalist Saban's media career encompassed interviews with some of the world's most respectable and recognizable figures. A virtual who's who of newsmakers, from Presidents to Pulitzer Prize winners. An accomplished speaker and 15-year news veteran, he's covered a range of stories reporting during the disputed 2000 election, The September 11th attacks, and other life-changing events. Known for his easy-going style and engaging questions, Saban was relied upon for his coverage from The Olympics, numerous Super Bowls, and National Championship games. A trusted resource to organizations large and small, see the difference Saban can make for your team.