Principal For a Day – Guest Principal Application

The Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce is seeking individuals interested in serving as “Principal for a Day” in North County schools. Upon selection, you and the school’s principal will determine a mutually agreeable day during the week of October 22-26, 2018.




Business/Organization Name:

Business Address:




Direct Phone:


SCHOOL PREFERENCE (Within North County) Please rank 1, 2 & 3

School Type (1st choice):

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* Requests for specific schools will be considered, but not guaranteed depending upon number of applicants. Parents may not be permitted to serve as Principal for a Day at their children’s school by request of the Palm Beach County School District.

Do you have child(ren) currently enrolled in a northern Palm Beach County school? If so, please list their school(s):

Participants may continue their involvement with the school they visit after the event. If the school is a good match, please indicate which activities you/your company may be interested in participating in. Please note that checking one or more lines does not obligate your company nor is participating in one or more of the following a requirement to participate in the program.

 Career Awareness: participate in career fairs, internships, job interview coaching. Working with Educators: professional development, serve on business advisory board/School Advisory Council. General Volunteering: reading to students, tutoring, mentoring, organizing beautification projects. Financial Support: donating goods/services, funding school scholarships, sponsoring student activities. Not sure at this time.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: October 10, 2018. Applications may be faxed or emailed to the Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce at (561) 366-2396 or Questions? Call 561-746-7111.