Meet Joseph

G. Joseph Garcia

Membership Development Manager

As an immigrant and first-generation college graduate, helping others who have been disadvantaged by virtue of economic or educational circumstances is my passion. My goal, both professionally and personally, is to advance social justice and causes that result in an equitable future for all. Corporate social responsibility, diversity & inclusion, and community engagement programs are the perfect avenues to achieve that goal.


With a background spanning sales and marketing, PR, client services, and community relations, I’ve cultivated versatile skills and expertise. Applying those broad talents, I drive strategies for high-impact, large-scale initiatives that shape and transform diversity, equity, and inclusion philosophy into core organizational practice.


Adapting to new situations and transitioning from vision to strategy comes easily to me. Gregarious and collaborative by nature, I excel at building consensus and executing under challenging conditions. By fostering relationships at all levels internally as well as with external business, political, and nonprofit leaders, I progress key initiatives and objectives.