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Theresa Valinotti, Theresa Valinotti - Professional Mortgage Consultant

In today's complex financial environment my role as a mortgage professional is more important than ever in helping clients navigate, not only the mortgage loan process, but helping them navigate financially what will be the largest asset and the single largest debt that most people will acquire.

Your financial future will be a result of setting goals and constantly monitoring those goals to grow not only your assets but also to manage your liabilities.

Twenty-years in the mortgage industry, having helped over 5000 families finance their home, I have seen many changes. While some of the changes were for the better, the more regulated the industry has become the more complicated and confusing it became for the consumer. I help my clients navigate through the process and the legal disclosures, so they have a full understanding and are confident every step of the way.

It's much more than finding the best rate! Getting the lowest interest rate does not mean you're getting the best terms for your specific financial goals. My approach is to understand your goals and dreams, what you want, both short and long term, and then put a strategy together to help you find the best rate and term based on those goals.

My highest priority is to add value during and long after closing by providing full transparency and on-going communication with my clients and all parties involved, your Realtor, financial planner, tax professional, and any other advisor you deem necessary to accomplish your overall goals and to provide for a smooth and stress-free transaction.

Partnering with you as your mortgage professional is my honor.